Who are the HedgeMonkeys?

The Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys are Daniel Waples and Danny Cudd.

They had met in the year 2006 at a music festival in England and instantly formed a friend ship and began to play djembe (african drum) together...
Soon after, during conversation they realised that they had both already been invited to Switzerland to collect their Hangs from PanArt. 

When they arrived to India that winter with their new hang, they began to perform under the name 'Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys.'

To date they have released two albums. The first Vesica Piscis was made in India during March 2008 and was one of the first hang duo albums ever recorded and released.
In the Summer of 2009 whilst in London they recorded a live four track EP " Live in London " and this release features only the sounds of two hang playing with a very unique and uplifting style.

Since the year 2010 Daniel has been performing and recording under the name 'Hang in Balance'.
His website with new material and information can be found here -  www.hanginbalance.com
Danny has also since released a new album which can be found -  www.hangmusic.com 

Both Daniel and Danny have grown into very successful artists both individually and as part of other projects and collaborations.